Looking for Beitou hot spring recommendations? You are at the right place. On chilly days in Taiwan, there’s nothing quite like indulging in the soothing embrace of hot springs. If you happen to be residing in Taipei, the best part is that you don’t have to travel far to experience this bliss. Welcome to the world of Beitou Hot Springs!

In this guide, we’ve curated a selection of perennial favorites among Beitou’s hot spring experience and hotels. We’ve even categorized these establishments by budget, location and the types of hot spring experiences they offer, whether it’s communal pools, private in-room baths, or personal hot spring cottages. This way, you can easily pinpoint the perfect hot spring retreat that matches your preferences. Whether you’re seeking the diverse mineral-rich delights of communal pools or you prefer the intimacy of your own in-room hot spring or cottage, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to embark on a journey to discover the top 10 recommended places to luxuriate in Beitou’s renowned hot springs!

Types of Hot Springs in Beitou

Beitou boasts a diverse hot spring culture with five distinct categories to cater to varied preferences. It will be helpful to decide which type do you or your group prefer.

  1. Natural Hot Spring: There are a lot of naturally formed hot springs without human intervention and ownership in other countries. Natural hot springs are amazing for those who learned the secret to indulge in. Unfortunately, this is a rarity in Beitou, Their scarcity is attributed to the extreme temperatures of the source water and steep terrain. Once other water sources merge in to form a more durable temperature, the water is usually pretty shallow and does not create a nice pool. However, there are a couple spots for people to soak their feet in the warm water around Beitou though.
  2. Public Hot Springs: These accessible hot springs are usually located in parks and managed by the local government. They are the most budget friendly option, and sometimes even free, providing an economical option for visitors. However, they can get crowded sometimes and have less management than those privately owned.
  3. Western/Taiwanese Hot Springs: This type of hot spring are shared and mixed-sex pools. They might be one of the most popular in Beitou (as people are shy) and these hot springs require the use of swimsuits and swim caps.
  4. Japanese Style Hot Springs: Reflecting the traditional onsen experience, Beitou’s Japanese-style hot springs features separate bathing areas for men and women. Nudity is customary, and visitors can immerse themselves in the serene ambiance reminiscent of Japanese hot spring culture.
  5. Private Room Hot Springs: Ideal for those seeking a more intimate setting, many hotels in Beitou offer private room hot springs. These rooms typically feature a personal tub, accommodating 2-6 people, providing exclusivity and comfort.

Whether seeking a communal experience, a blend of cultures, a traditional Japanese soak, an intimate retreat, or a connection with nature, our list of Beitou hot spring recommendations will definitely fulfill your need. They present a spectrum of options, allowing visitors to tailor their experience to their preferences.

How to go to a Hot Spring?

Most of the hot spring providers are also hotels, so one common way of enjoying it is to stay for night and try out all the variety of SPA functions they provide. If you don’t have time to stay, that’s fine too. Some hotels offer hot spring only tickets as well, we recommend you do your research online, book a ticket beforehand or contact the provider for more information if you need.

Tips on Enjoying Hot Spring in Beitou, Taipei

We are all excited for a cozy bath. But before we get started, we also want to share with you some tips on the safest and most enjoyable way to enjoy Taiwan’s best hot springs. While in general it is hard to go wrong with soaking in cozy warm water, it’s good to have these tips in mind in case something happens!

  1. Warm Up Before Soaking: Before entering the hot springs, it’s essential to warm up your body. Rapid temperature changes can lead to discomfort, so it’s advisable to perform warm-up exercises, similar to those done before swimming. In private indoor pools, you can preheat the water or use a damp towel to gently pat your body to help it acclimatize to the water’s temperature before soaking.
  2. Optimal Soaking Temperature Varies: Hot spring water temperatures vary significantly due to their geological origins, ranging from as low as 22 degrees Celsius to nearly boiling at 99 degrees Celsius. Generally, for most hot springs, including those in Beitou, a temperature of around 42-43 degrees Celsius is considered ideal for soaking, allowing for a relaxing and comfortable experience. Hotels will usually moderate the temperature to this range and you can often adjust it yourself by adding cold or hot water in private springs.
  3. Don’t Over-Soak: The ideal soaking time in hot springs varies based on personal preferences and the spring’s temperature. In general, it is recommended not to exceed 30 minutes in a single soak, with a maximum of three soaks per day to avoid overexposure. To maximize the therapeutic effects, it’s beneficial to take short breaks and get out of the water for 5-15 minutes before returning for another soak.
  4. Consider Skin Type: Individuals with dry or sensitive skin should avoid highly acidic hot springs as they can exacerbate dryness. Shorter soaking times are recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin, followed by immediate application of moisturizers to replenish lost moisture. Individuals prone to dry skin during the winter months should also take precautions.
  5. Consult a Doctor Before Soaking: Pregnant individuals and those with underlying health conditions or weakened immune systems should consult a medical professional before enjoying hot springs. While hot springs have therapeutic benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone, and individual health considerations should be taken into account.
  6. Avoid Soaking on a Full Stomach: Soaking in hot springs immediately after a heavy meal or on an empty stomach is not advisable, as it can lead to digestive discomfort. Additionally, individuals who are inebriated should refrain from soaking, as it may cause adverse reactions. It’s best to rest and recover before enjoying a hot spring bath.
  7. Using Soap and Cleansing Products: The use of soap and cleansing products in hot springs depends on the water’s mineral composition. For example, in acidic sulfur springs like those in Yangmingshan, it’s not advisable to use alkaline soaps. Bath towels and other bathing accessories should not be soaked in the hot spring water for too long to avoid damage to the fibers. Prior to entering the hot springs, it’s customary to clean your body thoroughly to maintain a clean and respectful environment, especially in public pools.

Most Popular: Spring City Resort

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hot spring with city view

beitou hot spring recommendations

Source: KKDay, Spring City Resort

Spring City Resort is a well-established Taipei hot spring hotel and one of the most popular Beitou hot spring recommendations. In addition to its hot springs, it also features an outdoor open-air pool, making it a year-round vacation destination. Among its public facilities, there are outdoor open-air baths equipped with nine different SPA functions. The rooms, predominantly in shades of beige, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Inside, there are baths constructed with Guanyin stone and red cypress, adding a touch of nostalgia to the hot spring hotel. Despite its somewhat vintage feel, Beitou Spring Hotel is always crowded on weekends. So it’s recommended to make reservations early if you plan to soak in the hot springs on weekends! Their accommodation starts at NTD$3000.

Note: prices might differ depending on where you buy them, online tickets are usually cheaper.

FacilityPriceOpening Hours
Outdoor BathAdults $800 / Children $5509:00-22:00
Indoor BathsAdults $600 / Children $400 (60 mins)24 hours
Room SoakingRoom Type A $3,900 / Room Type B $3,300 (120 mins)

Most Luxury: The Gaia Hotel

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beitou host spring recommendation with great views

beautiful library in hotel

Source: Gaia Hotel, TripAdvisor

The Gaia Hotel is voted as Taiwan’s number one dream vacation destination! This 5-star hotel boasts a breathtaking four-story-high library that runs through the lobby. It offers genuinely warm and friendly service and creates an exceptional hot spring journey. They also have extremely high quality and delicious food. Whether it’s western or hot pot lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner. Some popular options are Moon Crescent Hot Pot. It features Japanese Yoshikawa cast iron pots, premium snowflake beef from the United States, and fresh Matsusaka pork. The dedicated team and meticulous operation ensures high-quality meat that retains its original flavor in a refreshing vegetable and fruit broth.

Hot Spring Options at Dahti Hotel

Private Baths: Hot spring pool, separate wet and dry bathroom. Features Omnisens Paris bath care set from a French SPA salon, along with snacks and drinks! Each private hot spring room accommodates a basic occupancy of 2 people, with a maximum of 4 people. Children under 120 cm are free; those over 120 cm need to pay an additional $500/person on-site. Available for 90 minutes.

Public Baths: Specially designed outdoor baths that simulate snowfall! Although artificial, it still brings back memories of hot spring experiences in Japan’s Tohoku region. This includes indoor hot spring/cold pool, oven, steam room. Moreover, they also have outdoor open-air baths, equipped with personal lockers, changing rooms, grooming areas, and a resting area (with drinks and snacks). Public baths are available for a 4-hour duration and is nude bathing, separated by gender. Admission for ages 12 and above, all ages at the same price

FacilityPriceOpening Hours
Public BathsApr-Sep:
$1,600 / 4 hours

Weekdays NT$1,600 / 4 hours
Weekends NT$1,800 / 4 hours
(Last entry at 22:30, Closed on Thursdays 11:00-15:00)
Private BathsApr-Sep:
$2,500 / Couple / 90 minutes

Weekdays $2,500 / Couple / 90 minutes Weekends $2,800 / Couple / 90 minutes
24 hours

Most Cultural: Radium Kagaya Taipei

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japanese style room with tatami

public hot spring

Source: booking.com, Kagaya Taipei

Radium Kagaya Taipei is the only overseas branch of Japan’s Kagaya. The hotel emanates a distinctly Japanese ambiance in its architecture, meticulous service, hot springs, and cuisine. The on-site service even includes assistance in donning floral yukatas (Japanese bath robes), aiming to immerse you in a profound Japanese atmosphere.

Beitou’s Kagaya is a five-star Japanese-style hot spring accommodation with room types featuring garden views and open-air baths. The hotel staff wears traditional Japanese kimono, creating an instant immersion in Japanese culture. Renowned for its amazing dishes, Kagaya offers an array of dishes that guarantee a challenging choice between buffet dining and room service. The “landlady” oversees each dish with meticulous care, providing a professional and refined dining experience. A visit to Kagaya in Beitou feels like a journey to Japan itself. Japanese architecture, tatami mats, origami decorations, gorgeous Japanese-style decor, landscaped gardens, a Japanese-style bar, occasional tea ceremony experiences, Japanese doll performances, and personalized welcoming ceremonies further enhance the luxurious experience. In addition to the basic yukata provided in the room, the hotel also offers more authentic yukatas for rent. All of these are offered at a reasonable price for a high-end Japanese-style hot spring retreat.

FacilityPriceOpening Hours
Public BathsWeekdays: NT$1,200 / Individual 4 hours
Weekends: NT$1,500 / Individual 4 hours
(Last entry at 22:00),
Closed on Thursdays 11:00-15:00
Private Baths
– Forest Series
Weekdays: NT$2,000 / Couple 90 minutes
Weekends: NT$2,300 / Couple 90 minutes
Apr-Sep :9:00-24:00
(Last entry at 23:30)
Oct-Mar 24 hours
Private Baths
– Listening to the Springs Series
Weekdays: NT$2,500 / Couple 90 minutes
Weekends: NT$2,800 / Couple 90 minutes
Private Baths
– Cloud Gazing Series
Weekdays: NT$2,800 / Couple 90 minutes
Weekends: NT$3,000 / Couple 90 minutes

Best Location: Nanfeng Tianyue(Beitou Hot Spring ResortοΌ‰

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recommended beitou hot spring hotel with great location

The Nanfung Tianyue Spring Spa Hotel (or Beitou Hot Spring Resort as their website calls themselves) is located near Xinbeitou MRT Station, offers convenient access. The facility includes spacious public pools covering nearly 400 square meters. It features white sulfur spring pools, SPA hydrotherapy pools, cold pools, saunas, and steam rooms. For those seeking a more private experience, individual hot spring rooms are available. Private rooms are equipped with hot spring pools, cold pools, shower areas, and relaxation spaces. It’s truly a tempting retreat in Beitou.

ItemPriceOpening Hours
Public PoolsWeekdays: $680/person
Weekends: $780/person
9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Private RoomsWeekdays: $1,380/2 persons for 90 minutes
Weekends: $1,580/2 persons for 90 minutes
8:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Best Style: Phoenix Pavillion Hot Spring Hotel

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traditional chinese style bath

Phoenix Pavillion Hot Spring Hotel, a super long-established hot spring hotel in Beitou, remains true to its roots. The hotel preserves the delicate beauty of the hot spring era. The entire hotel uses Japanese-style wooden floors, complemented by natural stone hot spring baths, embodying an elegant and nostalgic tatami style. If you live traditional Japanese and Chinese decorations, this traditional one is one of the most wonderful Beitou hot spring recommendations for you.

Phoenix Pavillion Hot Spring Hotel offers double rooms, quadruple rooms and Japanese deluxe family room. Each of them are equipped with hot spring baths, bathrooms, shower amenities, hairdryers, and complimentary mineral water. Operating hours for hot spring access are from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with the last entry at 8:00 PM.

Room TypesSoothing, Classic, and Noble Semi-Open-air Rooms
FacilitiesHot spring bath, bathroom, shower amenities, hairdryer, mineral water
Operating Hours10:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Last entry at 8:00 PM)

Best Budget: Beitou Public Hot Spring (Millennium Spring)

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beitou public hot spring

Source: 吳志學 

Located near the New Beitou MRT Station is the Beitou Park Open-Air Hot Spring Baths. It is also known as “Millennium Spring” due to its opening coinciding with the millennium. Millennium Spring draws its spring water from the geothermal valley. The water is a chloride sulfate spring, also known as sulfur spring. The public park features six public pools distributed according to the terrain, with four being hot spring pools and two cold-water pools. The water temperature decreases depending on the pool’s elevation, providing visitors with a choice of hot spring pools based on their preferences. If you don’t have a lot of extra bucks to spare on fancy hot spring hotels, these lively public bath are the best Beitou hot spring recommendations for you.

Yangmingshan Qianshan Park Hot Spring Baths used to also be a fan favorite public hot spring. However as of 2023, the Yangmingshan Qianshan Park Hot Spring Baths are closed due to lack of hot spring water.

  • Opening Hours: 05:30–07:30, 08:00–10:00, 10:30–13:00, 13:30–16:00, 16:30–19:00,19:30–22:00
  • Ticket Price: NT$40 per person. Senior citizens (65 years and above, or indigenous elders over 55 years) NT$20. Free during the public welfare period from 08:00 to 10:00.

Beitou’s Best Hot Spring

To wrap up, Beitou stands as a haven for hot spring enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of experiences from traditional Japanese-style baths to luxurious private retreats. Our comprehensive guide has illuminated the distinct types of hot springs available in Beitou, from natural springs to communal and private options, catering to various preferences. As you embark on your Beitou hot spring adventure, keep in mind our valuable tips for a safe and enjoyable soak. Whether you opt for the cultural richness of Radium Kagaya Taipei, the stunning views at The Gaia Hotel, the convenient location of Nanfeng Tianyue, the traditional elegance of Phoenix Pavilion, or the budget-friendly Millennium Spring, each recommendation promises a unique and rejuvenating experience. So, indulge in the warmth of Beitou’s therapeutic waters and make your hot spring journey an unforgettable one.