As the cherry blossom season approaches in Taiwan, thoughts of romantic petals gently falling come to mind. Many of you may already be planning your springtime cherry blossom excursions. Besides the well-known destinations in Japan and Korea, Taiwan boasts numerous cherry blossom viewing spots. Anticipated to bloom around late January 2024, the cherry blossoms will paint Taiwan with their hues. Let’s explore the enchanting cherry blossom season in the north, central and south regions of Taiwan. You will know when and how to visit those places during the cherry blossom season.

Cherry Blossom Season in Northern Taiwan

Taipei | Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom Festival

Source: Taipei Tourism Administration

Yangmingshan National Park is the most well-known for its cherry blossom season in northern Taiwan. Yangmingshan National Park offers multiple viewing spots, including areas near the Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue, the second parking lot at Shuilian Cave and the Visitor Center vicinity. For travelers who prefer public transportation, Yangming Park is the most accessible. Moreover, there are various types of cherry blossoms including Mountain, Double, Showa and Yoshino cherry blossoms which bloom in different periods of spring. Nearby is the amazing Beitou area, checkout our ultimate guide to Beitou, combine Yangmingshan with you one day Beitou itinerary and enjoy great food nearby!

If you are with a car or motorcycle, then Pingjing Street 42 Lane is also recommended. Pingjing Street is renowned as Taipei’s earliest blooming cherry blossom trail, where Cerasus Kanzakura cherry blossoms bloom from the end of January until early February.

🌸 Yangminshan Cherry Blossom Festival

Yangming park

🌸 MRT Jiantan station – Bus 260 / R5 – Yangmingshan Bus Terminal Station – walk 3 min
🌸 MRT Beitou station – Bus S9 – Yangmingshan Bus Terminal Station – walk 3 min
🌸 Mountain Cherry Blossom: Early February to Mid-February
🌸 Double Cherry Blossom: Mid-February to End of February
🌸 Showa Cherry Blossom: End of February to Early March
🌸 Yoshino Cherry Blossom: Mid-March to End of March

Pingjing Street 42 Lane

🌸 MRT Jiantan station – Bus 303 – Lunziwei
🌸 Cerasus Kanzakura: End of January to early February

Taipei | Neihu Lehuo Park Night Sakura Season

Along the Neigou Stream, you’ll find a 3-kilometer-long cherry blossom trail. The cherry blossoms at Neihu Lehuo Park follow a distinctive blooming schedule. The Cerasus Kanzakura typically bloom along the embankment in early February, followed by the double cherry blossoms in mid-February, and the Showa cherry blossoms at the end of February. Depending on the yearly climate conditions, the blooming period can extend into early March.

Source: 樂活夜櫻季 Facebook

One of the unique features of the Night Sakura Season at Lehuo Park is the nightly illumination of the cherry blossom trees. Throughout the event, each evening sees the trees adorned with lights, creating a beautiful tunnel of night sakura. This nighttime display adds an extra touch of charm, as the illuminated blossoms take on a different and enchanting allure compared to their appearance during the day.

🌸 Neihu Lehuo Park

🌸 MRT Donghu station (BR Line): Exit 3 – walk 9 minutes
🌸 Night Sakura Season: Early February to End of February
🌸 Website: 樂活夜櫻季 Facebook

New Taipei | Tamsui Tianyuan Temple

Source: 淡水天元宮花況報導 Facebook

Built in 1971 to honor the Infinite Elder, Tamsui’s Tianyuan Temple has become Northern Taiwan’s representative cherry blossom destination.

I personally like Tamsui Tianyuan Temple more than Yangmingshan. Though smaller, the three-colored cherry blossoms (white, pink, and peach) on the mountainside, combined with the temple’s traditional Chinese architecture, create an unparalleled spectacle! Moreover, nighttime illuminations add a mysterious touch to the cherry blossom scenery.

Source: 淡水天元宮花況報導 Facebook

There are two kinds of cherry blossom here: the Mountain Cherry Blossoms bloom from the end of January to mid-February and the Yoshino Cherry Blossoms bloom from the mid-March to end of March.

🌸 Tamsui Tianyuan Temple

🌸 MRT Tamsui station – Bus 895 – Tianyuan Temple station – walk 5 min
🌸 MRT Tamsui station – Bus F103 – Shuijiantou station – walk 9 min
🌸 Three-colored Cherry Blossom: end of January to mid-February
🌸 Yoshino Cherry Blossom: mid-March to end of March
🌸 Real-time Cherry Blossom status: 淡水天元宮花況報導 Facebook

Hsinchu | Smangus Cherry Blossom Season

Source: (Left) IG@jiazhi.1996 | (Right) IG@m1chael_hsieh

Simacus is an Atayal tribe located about 1,500 meters in the back mountain territory of Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It is an aboriginal tribe in the deepest mountains in Taiwan. It has become an important tourist attraction because of its tremendous groups of sacred trees. There are more than 2,000 Showa Cherry Blossom trees in the tribe, which bloom every February and March.

Due to the remote location, it is recommended to stay on the mountain for one night. Moreover, no public transportation is available to get to Smangus – driving a car is the only possible way! In addition, the supply of houses in Simacus is limited and very popular, especially during the cherry blossom season. Therefore, we highly recommend visitors order the accommodation as early as possible!

🌸 Smangus

🌸 Showa Cherry Blossoms: 2024/2/10 – 3/10
🌸 Restricted time to enter/leave Smangus on holidays
Enter: Before 12:40 PM / After 3:00 PM Exit: Before 2:00 PM / After 4:20 PM
🌸 Entry Fee: NT$ 100

Cherry Blossom Season in Central Taiwan

Taichung | Wuling Farm Cherry Blossom Season

Source: Wuling Farm

Wuling Farm is one of Taiwan’s most popular cherry blossom viewing spots, featuring various cherry blossom varieties such as Mountain Cherry Blossoms, Double Cherry Blossoms, Wushe Cherry Blossoms, and red beauty cherry blossoms, totaling over 20,000 cherry blossom trees!

The cherry blossom season in Wuling Farm starts from the 8th until the 29th of February in 2024. During the cherry blossom season, daily visitation is controlled, and general visitors can access the farm through accommodation reservations or by taking public transportation, such as the Wuling Farm cherry blossom shuttle bus operated by Guoguang Bus.

Source: 大玩台中

The shuttle bus tickets are return tickets between Taipei Main Station and Wuling Farm. It takes 4 hours to reach and you will be able to stay in Wuling Farm for 4 hours. Your return bus departure time will be eight hours after your departure bus departure time. Sounds complicated? Here is an example:

if you take the shuttle bus at 6 AM from Taipei and arrive at Wuling Farm at 10 AM, the departure time of your return bus will be 2 PM. And you get 4 hours to stay in Wuling Farm.

You can book the tickets on this website. Unfortunately, there is only Chinese available now. Tickets can be collected at the Guoguang Passenger Transport Taipei Station counter from 4 PM on the day before departure. If you want to collect your tickets on the same day, please be sure to go to the counter 20 minutes in advance to collect your tickets.

Since it will be super difficult and time-consuming to visit during Cherry Blossom Season, we would recommend visitors to visit earlier, i.e. end of January. At this time, there will be some cherry blossoms and there is no visitation controlled!

🌸 Wuling Farm

🌸 Cherry Blossom Season: 2024/2/8 – 2/2
🌸 From Taipei Main Station: Guoguang Bus Book the Tickets
⭐ The accommodation during the Cherry Blossom Season in 2024 has been sold out.

Taichung | Fushoushan Farm Cherry Blossom Season

Source: 福壽山農場 Facebook

The Fushoushan Farm is located on the southern slope of Lishan in Taichung City. The landscape undergoes various changes throughout the four seasons, with distinct climates each season. The morning and evening skies display a myriad of cloud variations, giving rise to different beautiful scenes throughout the year. The Thousand Cherry Blossom Garden in Fushoushan Farm boasts 6,000 cherry blossom trees with seven different varieties, including Higan cherry, Fuji cherry, Showa cherry, Yoshino cherry, Oshima cherry, Oui yellow cherry, and Ukon cherry. These cherry blossoms are scattered across a wide area, and their blooming period extends from early February to the end of March!

In addition to cherry blossoms, Fushoushan Farm offers many hiking trails and fruit-picking experiences. It is suitable for a day trip or an overnight stay. The farm provides various warm and comfortable accommodations, such as Pine Cabin, Song Village, Maple Forest Elegant Bamboo House, and the Fushoushan Camping Area. Accommodation reservations can be made online through their official website.

🌸 Fushoushan Farm

🌸 Yilan Station – Guoguang Bus 1751 – Lishan Station (4 hours)
🌸 Luodong Station – Guoguang Bus 1764 – Lishan Station (4 hours 20 mins)
🌸 Cherry blossom season: early February to end of March
🌸 Opening hour: 6:00 – 22:00

Nantou | Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has consistently been a popular cherry blossom viewing location in Taiwan, with around 5,000 trees of Double cherry blossoms and Fuji cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom season in 2024 is expected to start in early February and last until early March, with a spectacular night cherry blossom viewing experience available. In March, dozens of lavender plants will also be in full bloom, adding a romantic atmosphere to Jiufen throughout spring.

Source: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

There is a cable car connecting the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and Sun Moon Lake. Therefore, arranging a two-day itinerary is a good idea for spring!

🌸 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

🌸 Taichung station (Railway / HSR) – Bus 6670 – Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
🌸 Cherry blossom season: 2024/2/1 – 3/10
🌸 Cherry blossom Night: 2024/2/1 – 3/3
🌸 Open hours during blossom season: Weekdays 9:30 – 19:30 / Weekend 9:30 – 20:00

Cherry Blossom Season in Southern Taiwan

Chiayi | Alishan Cherry Blossom Near Forest Railway

Source: KKday

From December to March, vibrant pink cold cherry blossoms bloom throughout Alishan, signifying the arrival of spring. The Alishan Forest Recreation Area’s cherry blossom season, taking place from March to April showcases a mesmerizing panorama of pink flowers. Taiwan cherry blossoms, double cherry blossoms, cold mountain cherry blossoms, Fuji cherry blossoms, and peony cherry blossoms sequentially bloom, creating a stunning sea of pink. Alishan’s many Japanese-style buildings add a unique touch to cherry blossom viewing, allowing visitors to enjoy tea beneath the cherry blossoms or stroll through high mountain tea plantations while gazing at the picturesque scenery. If you happen to visit, we have a detailed guide on what to eat in Alishan!

For more details on Alishan cherry blossoms, 👉🏼 checkout our post: Explore Beautiful Cherry Blossom in Alishan Region 2024.

🌸 Alishan

🌸 Chiayi THSR Station – Taiwan Tourist Shuttle A line – Alishan Station (Book Ticket Here)
🌸 Chiayi Railway Station – Taiwan Tourist Shuttle B line – Alishan Station (Book Ticket Here)
🌸 Alishan National Scenic Area: December to March
🌸 Alishan Forest Recreation Area: Mid-March to Mid-April

Source: 福壽山農場 Facebook

Taiwan’s cherry blossom season in 2024 promises a spectacular display of nature’s beauty. From the enchanting cherry blossom trails in Taipei to the captivating landscapes of central Taiwan, the island offers a diverse array of cherry blossom viewing experiences. If you cannot visit at this time, no worries. There are all sorts of blossoms and events throughout the year detailed in our month by month Taiwan travel guide. Whether you choose to wander through historic districts or explore nature reserves, Taiwan’s cherry blossom season is a not-to-be-missed spectacle that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Embrace the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms and revel in the magic of springtime in Taiwan.

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