After a warm soak at the hot spring, you must start wondering what to eat in Beitou! This post will tell you the most famous and must-try eateries around Beitou area. From the pocket-friendly delight of “Exploding Green Onion Pancakes” to the nostalgic treats loved by many. Including a Beitou twist on the iconic “Din Tai Fung,” the colossal “Bowl King Noodles” that even a group of 10 can’t finish. Not to miss the renowned beef noodle soup hailed by Korean culinary maestro “Baek Jong-won.” Our adventure promises to be nothing short of extraordinary! Beitou really stands out as the beloved haven for both locals and tourists in Taipei. It not only offers cozy hot springs, but also great dining options. Let’s dive into learning more about the best food in Beitou.

Beitou Night Market

Where is Beitou Night Market?

????Location of Beitou Night Market

Beitou night market

Once you exit from Beitou MRT Station, start strolling along Guangming Road. Take a right turn onto Zhongzheng Street, then a left onto Xinshi Street. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a plethora of restaurants and local eateries. Welcome to Beitou Night Market! While it might not be the most famous night market in Taipei, Beitou Night Market boasts a vibrant atmosphere and an array of delicious street food and dining options.

If you are heading to Beitou night market from the hot spring hotels, you might need to walk for about 10-30 minutes. Taking the bus or MRT are possible options. However, they don’t take you straight to the market and walking is still required, hence we recommend you to go by foot directly.

For those craving an even larger night market experience, the expansive Shipai Night Market near MRT Shipai Station is just a quick ride away. Shipai night market offers an even greater variety of culinary delights and local treasures. Whether you choose to explore the charm of Beitou or venture to the bustling Shipai Night Market, both promise amazing food options for every taste. If you don’t have anything particular in mind about what to eat for lunch or dinner around Beitou, Beitou night market will be a great place to explore and experience the local scenes.

What does Beitou Night Market Offer?

If you get a chance to visit, Beitou Night market might be a little different from other famous night markets. This is a combination of open-air market and local eateries. Stores start running from the early mornings, especially those that operate vegetable and fruit stands. You may see people bringing in fresh produce from farms to sell at a very affordable price. Most local residents and shop owners get their food from the Beitou market.

Since getting groceries is extremely convenient, along with the incoming tourists nearby, it is natural for restaurants and food stands to start forming around the area. This is how Beitou Night Market came to form. Therefore, Beitou Night Market isn’t just a night market. It is simply a market that offer great groceries to the locals and also serves as an amazing place for locals and tourists to take a feast. If you want to ask for directions locally, people might refer to it as the Beitou Market.

What to Eat at Beitou Night Market?

Since Beitou night market is less touristy than the ones you have been to, it is a great chance to see what the locals eat regularly. Here, we will list out a couple local favorite food. Since many stands are nameless, we will not provide address or names. Moreover, there are usually plenty of similar offerings around the market. For the ones that have an more established brand or storefront, we will list them out in later sections.

1. Black Tea/Red Tea

This might be a drink that is too basic to be mentioned. However, tea has a great presence in Beitou night market. A couple classic brands, such as Cai Yuan Yi Black Tea have been serving the community with simple yet delicious tea for decades. These tea are extremely affordable and comes in huge portions. Sometimes even in plastic bags. Black tea is especially refreshing in the humid climate of Taiwan and after a great hot spring soak.

2. Pepper Bun (Hujiao Bing)

beitou market pepper bun

beitou night market pepper bun

Source: TVBS

Pepper buns in Beitou Night Market are a culinary delight. The buns are known for their crispy yet tender crust and juicy, flavorful filling. As you take a bite, the savory broth bursts out, perfectly balanced in saltiness. Sold by vendors pushing a cart, these buns feature a unique dough made from a blend of wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and glutinous rice flour. The proportions vary based on taste preferences. The meat filling consists of finely chopped green onions, minced pork, or beef seasoned with pepper and salt. Moreover, they are usually enhanced by each vendor’s secret spice blend. The meat filling is enveloped in a dough ball, brushed with sugar water, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and then baked in large cylindrical iron barrels heated by a wood fire.

After a few minutes, the vendor unveils the perfectly baked buns, ready to be served and enjoyed. The process ensures a delightful combination of textures and flavors, making Beitou’s Pepper Buns a must-try culinary experience.

3. Braised Pork Rice


Braised pork rice, or 滷肉飯, is a delectable culinary highlight in Beitou Night Market. The dish features succulent and tender braised pork, simmered to perfection in a flavorful concoction of soy sauce, garlic, and aromatic spices. Nestled atop a bed of steaming white rice, the braised pork imparts its rich, savory essence to every grain. This beloved Taiwanese comfort food is often garnished with fresh green onions and served with pickled vegetables to balance the richness. The vendor stalls in Beitou Night Market, illuminated with the sizzle and aroma of this classic dish, offer locals and visitors alike a chance to savor the authentic taste of braised pork rice. There is one especially famous braised pork rice place in the Beitou Night Market, Ai Zai Cai. We will go over the details of the restaurant later in the post.

Beitou Restaurant Recommendations

Now that we went a couple favorite food items, we would like to give you specific recommendations on local food places and restaurants. Some of them are in the Beitou Night Market while others are not. Plan you route accordingly if you want to experience the best food in Beitou.

Cai Yuan Yi Black Tea

????Maps | 9:00-22:00

best tea in beitou

black tea in bags


In the heart of Beitou Night Market lies a charming tea scene, with Cai Yuan Yi Black Tea standing as one of the iconic establishments. Amidst the abundance of local tea shops, Cai Yuan Yi has earned its reputation as a half-century-old tea haven. It is nestled at 15 Xinshi Street, just beside the Beitou Public Market. This family-owned tea shop, in operation since 1966, has become a living testament to the historical charm of Beitou. Cai Yuan Yi Black Tea has thrived over the years by offering an array of beverages rooted in traditional Taiwanese flavors. The tea shop is known for its signature black tea and sour plum juice. Moreover, it has managed to maintain its popularity over decades. What a remarkable feat in an ever-evolving food scene! Additionally, the menu caters to various preferences, offering hot drinks for colder days alongside their refreshing cold options.

What sets Cai Yuan Yi apart is its commitment to quality. The shop staunchly adheres to using pure sugar and tea leaves, avoiding artificial colorings and harmful additives. This dedication to providing a natural and trustworthy experience adds to the shop’s enduring appeal. For those seeking a taste of Beitou’s authentic tea culture, Cai Yuan Yi Red Tea is a must-visit destination. The shop’s enduring success lies not only in its time-honored recipes but also in its unwavering commitment to delivering a delightful and unadulterated tea-drinking experience. Finally, as you explore the tea-rich streets of Beitou, don’t miss out on neighboring gems like Gao Ji Tea House for a comprehensive journey through the local tea scene.

Ai Zi Cai Braised Pork Rice 矮仔財滷肉飯

????Maps | No 33 Huanggang Rd (Beitou Market Building D), Beitou | 7:00-13:00

beitou market best food

braised pork rice


Ai Zai Cai Braised Pork Rice (矮仔財滷肉飯), located on the second floor at stall 436 in Beitou Night Market, is renowned for its exceptional braised pork rice. Even on weekdays at 10 AM, a crowd forms outside the market, eager to savor this culinary gem. The perfect combination of the rich braising sauce and the tender portions of pork intestine creates an exquisite taste that lingers on the palate. The chewy texture and distinct flavor of the pork intestine are truly captivating. The braised cabbage, cooked to perfection without any burnt aftertaste, adds to the dish’s appeal. The braised pork rice features a harmonious blend of sweet and salty flavors, offering a rich taste without feeling greasy.

Each bite leaves a sticky and delightful sensation between the teeth, making it irresistibly enjoyable. The rice is impeccably cooked, striking the right balance between softness and dryness, seamlessly melding with the savory sauce. Regarded as one of Taipei’s must-try braised pork rice dishes, the fame of Ai Zai Cai extends beyond Beitou, drawing locals and visitors alike to its stall in Beitou Market. Whether on weekdays or weekends, the perpetual queue attests to the widespread acclaim for the delectable offerings of Ai Zai Cai.

Beitou Exploding Green Onion Pancakes

????No.218 Guangming Rd, Beitou | 11:30-22:00

what to eat in beitou

recommended snacks in beitou


Indulge in the delightful explosion of flavors with the renowned “Beitou Exploding Green Onion Pancakes.” The street food stand has captivated food enthusiasts far and wide. It is a close walk from Baitou MRT station, within the Beitou Night Market area.

These three-dimensional, pillow-like pancakes, famously coined as “bombs,” are not just a treat for the taste buds but also a visual spectacle as they puff up in the frying pan. With options ranging from the classic and double-egg varieties to choices like cheese, double cheese, Korean kimchi, and German sausage. Each bite is a burst of creativity. The semi-cooked egg in the center is crafted with care and adds a unique touch. Moreover, there is a perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness in the pancake. What sets these bomb pancakes apart is their magical ability to remain non-greasy. Devouring two servings won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Watch in awe as the skilled chef expertly fries the pancake, and witness the momentary expansion that is both soothing and appetizing. 

Manlai Hot Spring Ramen 滿來溫泉拉麵

????Maps | No. 30, Zhonghe Rd, Beitou | 11:30-20:30


When it comes to Beitou cuisine, one can’t help but think of the renowned “Manlai Hot Spring Ramen.” Located beside Beitou Park, this ramen spot is conveniently situated just a two-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. Manlai Hot Spring Ramen boasts a distinctive Japanese-style decor with a touch of retro vibes. Also complemented by the nostalgic tunes of a vintage cassette player, the store creates an unmistakable Beitou ambiance. While not extravagantly adorned, the restaurant exudes a strong local charm. The menu is clearly presented on a blackboard outside, along with the dining procedures, facilitating a quick glance and efficient ordering.

The menu provides detailed explanations of the ingredients in each dish, offering a thoughtful touch. The prices are reasonable, ranging from NT$130 to NT$220. Notably, a unique game involving a rope by the entrance adds an element of fun for patrons, with a chance to win discounts on the signature deep-fried tofu when successfully delivered. The traditional method of ringing a bell for service, symbolizing prosperity and good luck, adds a distinctive touch to the dining experience. Manlai Ramen uses handmade buckwheat noodles that are delightfully chewy, complementing the thick and tender slices of pork. While the broth is not overly rich, the generous portion size makes for a hearty meal. It’s worth noting that Manlai Ramen offers a Taiwanese twist to the traditional Japanese ramen, creating a unique and enjoyable flavor profile. The sweetness of the vegetables infused in the broth adds an extra layer of depth.

Chang Wu Ji Mixed Noodles

????Maps | 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00

noodle soup in Beitou


Nestled within the alleyways of Daye Road, Beitou, “Chang Wu Ji Mixed Noodles” is a true gem. To get to the restaurant, take a small 3-minute walk from Qilian MRT Station. On weekdays, it tends to fill up quickly, prompting patrons to grab a number and await their turn. Not to mention that on weekends, the place sees a consistent queue.

The standout offering here is the extravagant “Giant Bowl Public Mixed Noodles.” Sporting a colossal 41-cm diameter, the noodle bowl alone weighs a whopping 5 catties (approximately 6 kilograms), with a total weight of 14 kgs, all priced at a surprisingly reasonable NT $739. The abundance of ingredients includes pork liver, shrimp, clams, meatballs, pork skin, fish cake, chicken gizzards, and a plethora of vegetables. The oil noodles exude a traditional home-style mixed noodle flavor, featuring a mildly sweet broth. Even with a party of nine, it proved challenging to finish in an hour due to the sheer volume! Moreover, beyond the giant noodles, the menu boasts an array of delectable normal sized noodles and delicious side dishes. With an unmatched variety of ingredients and dishes, Chang Wu Ji is a spectacle awaiting those with an appetite for adventure.

Chen Ji Fried Chicken

????Maps | 11:00-00:30

fried chicken in night market


When it comes to Beitou’s must-try delicacies, a pilgrimage to “Chen Ji Fried Chicken” is an absolute must! While Chen Ji Fried Chicken boasts several branches, the one in Beitou consistently draws a crowd. The freshly fried chicken wings gleam with a golden hue, showcasing a remarkably crispy outer layer that gives way to tender and flavorful meat inside. The chicken is marinated in advance, ensuring that every bite bursts with savory goodness. What truly steals the spotlight is the outstanding crispy texture of the skin, akin to the thin crunchiness of a biscuit – it’s undeniably fantastic! Also, the signature fried chicken wings (NT$25 each, NT$110 for five) are a definite crowd-pleaser, their thin, crisp skin making them an absolute must-try. Join the queue at Chen Ji Fried Chicken in Beitou Night Market for an experience that promises delightful bites and the unbeatable crunch of their famed chicken wings.

Feng Qing Yang Snack Shop

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Beitou recommended restaurant


“Feng Qing Yang Snack Shop” stands as a beacon for those seeking delicious noodle dishes and fried rice. It is located on Zhonghe Street in Beitou, just across from Carrefour. It is approximately a 10-minute walk from Xinbeitou Station, Although it’s an establishment opened by a master chef from Din Tai Fung, their expertise shines through in noodles and fried rice rather than the realm of soup dumplings.

Upon perusing the menu, one can’t help but appreciate the affordability. The Pork Chop Fried Rice is priced at only NT$160, a notable difference from Din Tai Fung’s NT$280. The pork chop boasts a tender and succulent texture, avoiding any undesirable toughness. The Scallion and Egg Fried Rice is also spectacular, almost on par with higher end restaurants! The egg aroma and the essence of scallions are skillfully infused, rendering each grain distinct, dry, and delightfully non-greasy. The “Pork Chop and Egg Fried Rice” is also a powerhouse! It captures the essence of egg, scallion and pork. For fans of Din Tai Fung seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on taste, Feng Qing Yang Snack Shop is one of our most recommended food in Beitou.

Traditional Zenith Tofu Pudding

????Maps | 06:00-18:00

tofu pudding near Beitou MRT

Source: TVBS

Last but not least, don’t forget to save room for dessert! When it comes to tofu pudding in Beitou, “Chuan Tong Zhi Zui Dou Hua Tang” (Traditional Zenith Tofu Pudding) is an undisputed name on the list. They have received acclaim from major food programs around Taiwan. Conveniently located, it takes less than three minutes to walk from Beitou MRT Station to this renowned establishment. Priced at NT$45 per bowl, you can choose two toppings from a selection of seven. If you prefer not to have sweet syrup, you can also add NT$5 to switch to soy milk.

For those who enjoy cold tofu pudding, you can even add ginger juice, and sweetness levels are adjustable. The ingredients and toppings are simple yet unbeatable. The fen yuan had a delightful chewiness, while the peanuts offered a soft and slightly crisp texture with a subtle milky aroma. The tofu pudding itself was truly impressive, with a solid texture and a distinct soybean fragrance, leaving a memorable impression that lives up to its reputation. “Chuan Tong Zhi Zui Dou Hua Tang” has attracted coverage from numerous top-tier food programs, and the perpetual queues outside testify to its enduring popularity. A bowl of tofu pudding filled with chewy fen yuan and soft, fragrant peanuts is a delightful treat for the senses. 

Best Food in Beitou

There are so much to explore and eat in Beitou, and this post just reveals some of the best restaurants or shops! We hope you are as hunger as we are and ready to embark on a food adventure in Beitou. Beitou night market hides plenty of local recommended eateries, including Cai Yuan Yi Black Tea, Exploding Green Onion Pancakes and more. Some other highly recommended ones all have their own unique offering. After soaking in the best Beitou hot spring, we believe you can definitely follow up with the best food in Beitou as well! We also have food recommendations for Sun Moon Lake area and Orchid Island, check them out if you happen to travel there too!