Are you planning to visit Kenting and wondering what to eat? Looking for the absolute best Kenting restaurant? Join us on this journey of exploring all the tastiest, local recommended Kenting restaurants and Hengchun food stands. From the bustling streets of Kenging Night Market to the charming stalls of Hengchun Night Market, the culinary landscape of Kenting offers an array of options to please every palate. Whether you’re craving the freshest seafood delicacies, traditional local dishes, or international flavors, Kenting has something to satisfy every craving. Join us as we explore the best food in Kenting, from quaint cafes serving delectable desserts to hidden gems offering a fusion of global cuisines.

Kenting Night Market 墾丁大街



When visiting Kenting, the highlight of the evening is undoubtedly strolling down Kenting Night Market. After a leisurely day at the beach, basking in the sea breeze and admiring the swimsuit-clad beachgoers, the night naturally beckons visitors to Kenting Night Market to indulge in delicious food and drinks! If Kenting is too far for you, Beitou, Taipei has great hot springs and tasty food as well, check out our ultimate guide to Beitou.

This section will guide you through the queue-worthy delights of Kenting Night Market. From exotic cuisines to local specialties and delectable desserts and drinks. Situated in the ever-summery atmosphere of Hengchun, Kenting Night Market teems with surf shops, tattoo parlors, souvenir stores, and distinctive Kenting restaurants during the day. But as night falls, the street springs to life. It draws visitors from all over to savor the warm southern nights and satiate their hungry stomachs. With its vibrant mix of lively bars, exotic cuisines, local delicacies, and seaside-themed souvenir stalls, Kenting Night Market’s neon lights and music create a lively ambiance, making it an unmissable destination for every tourist visiting Kenting.


If you drive to Kenting Night Market, we have a few recommendations on parking:

Parking Lot📍Address/MapsFee Structure
Taiwan Unicom Parking Lot
MapsWeekdays: $20/half hour (max $80)
Weekends: $30/half hour (max $200)
Kenting Dawan A Parking Lot
MapsDaytime: $30/hour
Nighttime: $50/hour (max $150)
Kenting Dawan B Parking Lot墾丁大灣B停車場MapsDaytime: $30/hour
Nighttime: $50/hour (max $150)
Kenting Visitor Center Parking Lot墾丁遊客中心停車場No. 12, Kenting Road, Hengchun Township,
Pingtung County 946
Weekdays: $20 (day)/$40 (night)/hour
Weekends: $30 (day)/$50 (night)/hour
Xiaowan Parking Lot統一小灣遊客服務中心停車場MapsDaytime: $30/hourNighttime/Holidays: $50/hour

Kenting Flying Fish Roe Sausage  墾丁飛魚卵打洞香腸



The “Kenting Flying Fish Roe Sausage” is a standout delicacy renowned for its unique flavor and hearty texture, often featured on gourmet shows. In the pricier setting of Kenting Night Market, where a modest 50 NT$ note easily covers the cost, it’s exceptionally budget-friendly. Offering four flavors, the most popular among them is the “flying fish roe sausage,” known for its distinctive “pop-pop-pop” sensation upon biting into it, quite different from the sausages in Alishan.

Infused with kaoliang liquor, the meaty filling combined with flying fish roe creates a unique and flavorful experience. Freshly grilled, the sausage bursts with juices, delivering not only a special texture but also a subtle hint of alcohol. Despite its indulgent taste, it remains light on the palate, making it a perfect affordable snack to enjoy while exploring the night market. The flying fish roe sausage is indeed a must-try copper-plate delicacy that adds to the fame of Kenting food.

Xiaoji Kenting Crispy Soup Dumplings 蕭記墾丁脆皮湯包



Xiaoji Kenting Crispy Soup Dumplings are a popular queue-worthy delight on Kenting Night Market’s bustling street. Available in six flavors: garlic, seaweed, cheese, mustard, spicy, and original, each basket contains eight dumplings. Among them, the garlic and original flavors are the stall owner’s top recommendations. These soup dumplings are simply irresistible with their thin, crispy skin and juicy, flavorful filling. Once you try them, you’ll be hooked! Unlike traditional Shanghai pan-fried dumplings, Xiaoji’s crispy soup dumplings are steamed first and then pan-fried, resulting in a tantalizing sizzle on the iron plate. The fragrant aroma of the frying process is irresistible, but be cautious as they can be hot. As you bite into them, the savory broth oozes out from inside the thin, crispy skin, while the perfectly seasoned filling, along with various condiments sprinkled on top, offers a unique twist to the traditional soup dumpling experience.

Mr. Ball’s Fried Meatballs (Mr.Ball炸肉球)

Mr. Ball’s Fried Meatballs boast a distinctly American-style food truck appearance, standing out prominently amidst the bustling crowds of Kenting Night Market. Their thick beef patties, coated in golden crispy breadcrumbs, burst with flavorful juices with every bite, satisfying the cravings of meat lovers. The rich, stringy mozzarella cheese adds an extra layer of indulgence, enticing the appetite further. In addition to the classic cheese beef ball flavor, creative options like beetroot-peeled chili pork and bacon-apple pork cater to those unable to consume beef, ensuring everyone can savor the deliciousness of fried meatballs.

Source:, IG @

Mr. Po’s Potato Kitchen (Mr.波薯條廚房)


Located adjacent to Mr. Ball’s Fried Meatballs, Mr. Po’s Potato Kitchen, as the name suggests, is its sister store! Mr. Po specializes in fries, making it a must-visit spot on Kenting Night Market, particularly popular among the younger crowd. Besides the usual long fries, they offer a variety of options such as potato wedges and potato balls, along with specialty meat toppings. Customers can choose three items at once, topped with generous amounts of cheese and special sauces. With fries cut in different shapes and thicknesses, each bite offers a unique taste, satisfying those with an adventurous palate.

Ma’s Bar 馬的吧子



In today’s Kenting Night Market, mobile bar carts have become iconic fixtures, with Ma’s Bar standing out as the first mobile bar on the street, deserving recognition. Ma’s Bar offers a wide array of cocktails, each with whimsical and humorous names, allowing patrons to seek recommendations from the bar owner based on their preferences. Unlike traditional bars, the atmosphere at mobile bars is more relaxed, with fewer rules; patrons can even bring outside food to enjoy with their drinks. Conveniently located next to several grilled oyster and pizza stalls, customers can easily order some snacks to accompany their drinks, creating a unique blend of night market and bar ambiance.

Best Food Stalls in Kenting Night Market

There is so much at Kenting Night Market that one can never finish them all even after multiple visits. Other than the stalls above, we want to also give a shoutout to other queue-worthy food stalls.

Source: IG @ jie.sika, IG @kinghuang0412

Seafood lovers shouldn’t miss out on the fresh seafood barbecue at 六少爺海鮮燒烤, while those craving international flavors can indulge in brick oven pizzas at 波波窯烤手工披薩 or 紅磚窯窯烤披薩. Those craving American and Mexican cuisine can fulfill their tastebuds at Smokey Joe’s (冒煙的喬).

Source: IG @ lepelican_ice, IG @ peiyu______

For dessert, visitors can enjoy artisanal ice cream at Le Pelican Gelato 貝力岡法式手工冰淇淋 (貝力岡法式手工冰淇淋) and crispy egg puffs 脆皮雞蛋仔 or indulge in the fried fresh milk at 炸鮮奶. Those looking for a refreshing alcoholic treat can try the alcoholic ice popsicles at Drunk Bear Pops (鏘熊微醺冰棒). To cap off the night, why not unwind at My Drunken Psychiatric Hospital (My醉精神病院), a bar offering a variety of drinks and a lively atmosphere.

kenting bar

Source: IG @ beerbear209

Hengchun Night Market 恆春夜市

hengchun night market


Hengchun Night Market, a local favorite in Pingtung Province, offers a diverse range of affordable delicacies, outshining its counterpart, Kenting Street Night Market. This Sunday-exclusive food haven has become a must-visit culinary destination in Kenting, especially with Kenting Street Night Market experiencing a decline in popularity due to decreasing tourist numbers and increasingly commercial vibes. Located just 10 kilometers away, a mere 15-minute drive from Kenting, Hengchun Sunday Night Market was once a hidden gem cherished by locals for its wallet-friendly delights. Operating for decades, the market initially started as a Sunday market opposite the Hengchun Christian Hospital on what is now Fude Road, gradually expanding to accommodate hundreds of stalls.

When in Kenting, don’t limit yourself to Kenting Night Market—head over to Hengchun Night Market for a tastier and livelier experience! With a history spanning over 40 years, Hengchun Night Market isn’t just a local favorite but also attracts numerous tourists. It’s akin to the town’s communal kitchen, where every Sunday, residents flock to satisfy their cravings without having to cook. Whether it’s food, drinks, or entertainment, Hengchun Night Market has it all, along with vendors selling household items, bread, and game booths—making it both delicious and entertaining. Plus, the affordability and variety of dishes ensure that you can indulge without breaking the bank.


We know transportation can be tricky, that’s why we wrote a detailed guide on transportation in Taiwan. For those arriving Hengchun by car, convenient parking options abound near Hengchun Night Market. Visitors often opt to park at familiar spots like Hengchun Post Office, Monkey Cave Mountain Park, or along the sides of Hengxi Road—just ensure not to block any entrances or exits. Parking along Hengxi Road is typically marked with white lines, and even arriving after 8 PM still offers ample parking space. It’s a hassle-free parking experience for those looking to indulge in the night market’s delights.

Fenggang Wuhou Tea 楓港武厚茶



As you stroll towards the night market from the lanes near Hengchun Highway, just before reaching Fude Road, you’ll encounter the first crowd: “Fenggang Wuhou Tea,” a bubble tea chain originating from Pingtung. Renowned for their meticulously prepared teas using quality water, Fenggang Wuhou Tea’s signature drink is the “Fenggang Freshly Squeezed Frozen Lemon Tea”. It features a freshly cut lemon in every cup, offering a refreshing complement to night market snacks. While their dedication to quality means drinks are meticulously crafted, requiring some patience, the diverse beverage selection—including coffee—ensures there’s something for everyone. If you like this and want to get some Taiwanese tea as souvenirs, you should checkout the most renowned Sun Moon Lake Black Tea.

Tsao Yeh Ren Green Bean Milk 艸野人綠豆沙牛奶


Drinks in Kenting

Source: tvbs

When touring the perennial summer of Kenting, there’s an irresistible urge for chilled beverages, and locals in Hengchun recommend “Tsao Yeh Ren Green Bean Milk.” With nearly 30 years of tradition, this spot prides itself on using quality ingredients and crafting flavors with care. Its eye-catching exterior and adorable shop dog make it a must-visit for tourists in Kenting, prompting them to add items like green bean milk, lemon aiyu jelly, and grass jelly milk pudding to their culinary bucket lists. Green bean soup has long been hailed as a summer antidote, known for its heat-relieving and detoxifying properties. In the sweltering heat of Kenting, a more chilled version like green bean ice sand might just hit the spot. 

Ink Sauce Takoyaki 墨醬章魚燒

Kenting snacks

Source: Uber eats

Ink Sauce Takoyaki catches the eye as soon as you enter the night market, a franchise chain originating from Pingtung (Donggang). Its standout feature is the diverse array of savory and sweet takoyaki, offering fifteen flavors including Thai-style, kimchi, curry, and condensed milk—providing considerable flexibility for patrons. With the ordering area on the left and the pick-up area on the right, the back displays various flavors of takoyaki while the front showcases the takoyaki-making process, providing a therapeutic view of the staff grilling takoyaki. The service staff’s hands hardly seem to pause, continuously producing boxes of takoyaki. Each piece is generously topped with bonito flakes, adding to its richness.

Jiacheng Smoked Braised Delicacies 佳承煙燻滷味



If you haven’t done your homework before hitting the night market, just follow the crowds. The popular “Jiacheng Smoked Braised Delicacies” is always a safe bet. Despite being a street vendor, they prioritize quality, sourcing duck meat from certified slaughterhouses and neatly arranging their braised dishes. “Jiacheng” offers braised delicacies with a rich smoky flavor, irresistibly savory yet not overly salty. What’s most thoughtful is how the owner prepares even the less convenient parts for consumption. This nice gesture makes indulging in duck wings or duck tongues an elegant experience.

Old Point Sweet Potato Balls 老點地瓜球



“Old Point Sweet Potato Balls” is a popular snack loved by many young people and children alike. The clear and reassuring oil quality, along with the on-site flipping and oil tossing performance by the staff, make the sweet potato balls even more enticing. Freshly fried, these sweet potato balls are crispy and chewy. It comes with a hint of sweet potato aroma wafting through, satisfying both visual and olfactory senses.

Best Food Stands in Hengchun Night Market

Stinky tofu

sausage and meat


In Hengchun Night Market, located on Hengxi Road, food enthusiasts should definitely try “Fenggang Wuhou Tea 楓港武厚茶” for refreshing drinks. “Tsao Yeh Ren Green Bean Milk 艸野人綠豆沙牛奶” for delicious and photogenic beverages, “Ink Sauce Takoyaki 墨醬章魚燒” for flavorful takoyaki. “Old Point Sweet Potato Balls 老點地瓜球” for a crispy and chewy snack. On Fude Road, must-try stalls include “Jiacheng Smoked Braised Delicacies 佳承煙燻” for a variety of savory treats and “Fanmai Garden 番麥園” for flavorful barbecue. Meanwhile, “Ah Yin Grilled Meat 阿因烤肉” offers mouthwatering barbecue dishes. “Ah Yu Cold Mixed Braised Delicacies 阿玉涼拌滷味” serves up tasty cold dishes.

For those seeking new flavors, be sure to check out the “Korean-style Meat Pie 韓式肉餅” and “Nanjing Ice Sugar Duck 南京冰糖醬鴨” stalls. Additionally, indulge in sizzling delights at “Wangji Iron Plate Steak 王記鐵板牛排” and savory specialties at “Kantung Mountain Duck Head 崁東山鴨頭.” For a unique culinary experience, don’t miss the “Battle Chicken Oil/Drunk Chicken 戰鬥雞油雞/醉雞”. Also, try the innovative century egg stinky tofu 皮蛋臭豆腐 and traditional Taiwanese treats like taro cake (芋頭餅) and country style duck with winter melon noodles 鄉村冬粉鴨.

food stand in night market

food stand in night market

Visitors should also sample the iconic “Ah Po Traditional Large Intestine Wrapped Small Intestine 阿婆古早味大腸包小腸” and “Dou Ru Chicken Wings 豆乳雞翅.” Additionally, the alleyways off Fude Road offer delicacies like stinky tofu, medicinal stewed spare ribs 藥燉排骨土虱, and oyster omelets 蚵仔煎. In the old factory space area, don’t miss out on Japanese specialties like Osaka Okonomiyaki and Dazhuan Takoyaki. Finally, there are plenty of green bean snack stands, including “Ke Family Traditional Green Bean Snacks 柯家古早味綠豆饌” and “Uncle Green Bean Snacks 阿伯綠豆饌.” These stalls offer a comprehensive selection of delicious snacks and dishes, ensuring a memorable culinary experience at Hengchun Night Market.

Kenting Seafood Restaurants

Kenting’s seafood scene is renowned for its freshness and diversity, drawing visitors from far and wide to indulge in the ocean’s bounty. Customers can often point to the aquarium to select the exact fish or seafood they desire. This ensures maximum freshness and quality. With each dish crafted from the day’s catch, diners can expect an authentic and flavorful seafood experience that perfectly captures the essence of Kenting’s coastal bounty.

At the heart of this coastal delicacy hub lies Houbi Lake. The lake is named for the canal on its eastern side that resembles a lake during low tide. This area boasts Hengchun’s largest fishing port and yacht marina, accommodating up to 120 yachts at a time. From April to July, catches of sailfish, opah, and broadbill swordfish are abundant. While from October to March, black marlin and white marlin dominate the haul. As dusk falls, the returning fishing boats unload their fresh catches, attracting locals and tourists alike to the bustling seafood markets. Taiwan is trully different every single month, learn more with our month by month guide.

The availability of freshly sliced sashimi at reasonable prices further adds to the appeal. With wide expanses of coral sand beaches during high tide, the Kenting area offers not only a feast for the palate but also a scenic backdrop for memorable dining experiences by the sea.

Ah Hsing Sashimi 阿興生魚片


kenting seafood

Source: IG @sofehappy

Ah Hsing Sashimi offers a variety of seafood dishes, with a focus on fish, shrimp, and shellfish. One of its standout offerings is the immensely popular sashimi. It features thick slices of fresh fish that are incredibly rich and flavorful. Surprisingly, a plate of 20 slices costs only NTD$100. This translates to just NTD$5 per slice, making it an incredibly cost-effective option with outstanding value for money. The extravagant sashimi is so tempting that it draws visitors straight to Kenting’s restaurants near Houbi Lake. Additionally, they offer freshly sliced wild sea urchins for those interested in indulging in this delicacy. Each slice is remarkably thick and bursting with flavor, delivering a burst of freshness with every bite. Besides sashimi, Ah Hsing Sashimi also offers a variety of seafood-based dishes, all boasting the same extravagant freshness that beckons visitors to Kenting.

Seafood Seeker 討海人海產




Source:, Seafood Seeker FB

Seafood Seeker is a hugely popular Kenting restaurant. Offering affordable prices, friendly service, and fresh ingredients, it also provides the unique experience of selecting freshly caught seafood from the ice chest. During winter, it offers a limited edition dish called “Crab and Ginger Duck.” This dish allows patrons to enjoy the best of both land and sea in one pot. Like many Kenting restaurants on Houbi Lake Seafood Street, Seafood Seeker operates provides a variety of regular dishes and a selection of fresh and live seafood available in the freezer and aquariums.

Unlike the typical boiled shrimp or sand shrimp found elsewhere, Seafood Seeker offers higher-quality “live grass shrimp”. Another popular dish, “Hanging Fish”, is commonly found in Kenting seafood restaurants and is usually prepared in a scallion-braised style. The wild hanging fish boasts tender, delicate meat with few small bones, making it easy to eat. Seafood Seeker’s “Stir-fried Clams” are fresh, sweet, and plump, making them a perfect accompaniment to any meal. The aromatic and tender “Sesame Oil Matsuzaka Pork” is another standout option. To balance out the richness of the seafood and meat, the crispy stir-fried water lily is an excellent choice. With its exceptional ingredients and flavors, Seafood Seeker ranks among the top three Kenting seafood restaurants.

Sea Pearl 海珍珠海鮮


food in kenting

kenting fish

Source: Sea Pearl

When in Kenting, indulging in seafood is a must. Sea Pearl Seafood is the perfect spot to satisfy those cravings. With a seafood market on the first floor and a simple dining area on the second floor. The Kenting restaurant offers sushi, soups, and grilled seafood. This establishment allows patrons to handpick their seafood from the aquarium on the first floor for an additional fee for preparation. Sea Pearl sources incredibly fresh ingredients at reasonable prices, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Situated conveniently behind the Hengchun Police Station, Sea Pearl Seafood is a hybrid Kenting restaurant that combines seafood wholesaling and grilling. In addition to BBQ options, Sea Pearl offers a variety of Taiwanese and Japanese set meals. Such as sushi, pufferfish skewers, and hand rolls, making it an economical choice for groups. Moreover, the first-floor wholesale supermarket offers a wide selection of fresh seafood items. This is perfect for purchasing and preparing at your accommodation.

Our Seafood Shop 咱的海產店


kenting restaurant


In the fiercely competitive landscape of Kenting restaurant in Houbihu, Our Seafood Shop stands out with its fresh and inviting atmosphere. The pure white exterior of the building and the clean, bright environment give diners a sense of comfort and reassurance. Freshness is guaranteed when it comes to seafood, and the prices are reasonable. A must-try dish is their seafood fried noodles. It pairs perfectly with their homemade scallop sauce, which adds an extra burst of flavor to the dish. There is a variety of seafood options available depending on the day’s catch, including various fish, live lobsters, crabs, and eels. Customers can select and weigh their choices on-site, which allows for transparency in pricing. This also ensures people get exactly what they pay for without any surprises.

Nose Fish Port – Ahsiu Seafood 鼻頭漁港 阿秀海鮮




Located near Sail Rock and heading towards the Eluanbi Park, Ahsiu Seafood prides itself on offering seafood sourced directly from their own fishing boats. The owner personally catches wild lobsters and crabs, which are kept in homemade aquariums on-site. As the fish selection varies daily, there isn’t a fixed menu. However, the owner readily offers recommendations on cooking methods and portion sizes. Known for its straightforward and honest service, the restaurant also features an open-air dining area. The area is built in front of the house, providing sheltered seating with excellent ventilation.

The scenic view by the fishing port complements the dining experience, especially while savoring their signature dish, the plump and succulent ‘Blanched Fresh Oysters.’ Another must-try is their specialty, the ‘Garlic Pan-Fried Fish,’ known for its tender and flavorful meat infused with garlic aroma. For those who enjoy dining al fresco with a seaside ambiance, this Kenting restaurant is a definite addition to the list of must-visit spots.

Kenting Restaurants with Local Cuisines

Mountain-side Abode 山下人家


hengchun restaurant

Source: IG @o219travellu

Mountain-side Abode is a hidden gem known mostly to local food enthusiasts, specializing in hearty home-style dishes bursting with flavor. The menu changes daily based on the freshest ingredients available and the season. Some dishes not always on offer, making the handwritten chalkboard menu quite intriguing. The flavors of the dishes evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality, and despite generous portions, the prices are very reasonable. No wonder the restaurant is always bustling with customers. Hence making a reservation in advance is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

This elegantly understated Kenting restaurant offers a delightful taste of local cuisine, with dishes like fried chicken, home-style specialties, tofu, and vegetable dishes reminiscent of home-cooked meals. The handwritten chalkboard menu adds to the charm, allowing for easy changes depending on the day’s offerings. With its comforting dishes and affordable prices, Mountain-side Abode promises a truly satisfying dining experience that feels just like home.

Beimen Home Cooking 北門家常菜



kenting dishes

Source: IG@157_c.m, tripadvisor

The taste of Beimen is truly authentic Taiwanese flavor, offering common home-cooked dishes that are served promptly. This Kenting restaurant is a great place for gathering and chatting around large round tables. Highly recommended are the braised pork knuckles and the braised eggplant. Beimen Home Cooking is a popular spot where locals often treat their friends to meals, despite not being located in downtown Hengchun. Its popularity is evident from the long queues that form during operating hours. Serving typical home-cooked dishes, each dish is delicious and satisfying, often leaving diners unknowingly reaching for multiple bowls of rice. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the delights of this Kenting culinary gem.

Chaozhou Beef Fu 潮州牛肉福


beef noodle soup

beef dishes


“Chaozhou Beef Fu” is a renowned old establishment that consistently makes it onto the list of must-try Pingtung delicacies as recommended by various media outlets. It prides itself on using 100% locally sourced Taiwanese beef. The beef soup is slightly blanched with added fragrant basil, offering a deliciously sweet taste. Operating for over a century, “Chaozhou Beef Noodle Fu” is undoubtedly one of the essential culinary experiences in southern Taiwan. The time-honored establishment emphasizes its use of 100% Taiwanese beef, accompanied by condiments such as minced ginger and exclusive dipping sauce. This fourth-generation legacy, spanning 70 years, guarantees a delightful and addictive dining experience with its rich herbal aroma and tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef. Stop by this Kenting restaurant to savor their heartwarming soups! This place has rave reviews and dishes served within 10 minutes. Favorites include the beef offal soup, beef noodle soup, clear beef broth, and assorted braised dishes.

Kenting Restaurants with Foreign Cuisines

Piccolo Polpo Bistro 迷路小章魚


kenting restaurant

kenting restaurant

Source: Piccolo Polpo

Piccolo Polpo is a highly popular destination restaurant in Kenting, known for its exotic flavors and picturesque setting. Situated on the second floor is the restaurant’s own operated guesthouse, offering a menu filled with a variety of dishes ranging from main courses to soups and desserts. Guests can indulge in premium ingredients like lobster and scallops, adding a touch of luxury to their dining experience. The restaurant also provides a selection of wines and sparkling beverages, perfect for pairing with the exquisite cuisine.

One of the highlights is the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering breathtaking views of Nanwan Beach across the street, enhancing the overall ambiance. Before ordering, attentive staff members provide detailed explanations of the menu items, ensuring guests make informed choices. Recommended main courses include the flavorful Lemon Wine Braised Rice with Fresh Shrimp, locally sourced Fresh Fish, Seafood Stir-Fry with Zucchini over Handmade Italian Pasta, and the rich Truffle Oil Duck Leg Stew. Most of their set menus feature seafood dishes inspired by the nearby coastline. They also have surprise selections sourced from the morning market adding an extra element of excitement to the dining experience.

Bossa Nova Beach Cafe 巴沙諾瓦異食餐館


kenting restaurant

italian restaurant

Source: IG@wuligili, Bossa nova

Bossa Nova Beach Cafe, a renowned Kenting restaurant, seamlessly blends authentic European cuisine from its French proprietor with tantalizing Taiwanese appetizers and zesty Thai dishes prepared by his Taiwanese wife. This cafe is a highly recommended hotspot on the internet. Nestled beside Nanwan Beach, Bossa Nova is helmed by a French owner who, fueled by his passion for cooking, frequently introduces new menus, sometimes featuring surprise items off the menu. Alongside traditional French dishes, the restaurant offers a variety of Thai and Chinese cuisines, providing diners with a multicultural dining experience where they can savor flavors from different countries. It’s the perfect spot to satiate your hunger after a day of surfing at Nanwan Beach.

Kitchen Swell – Lost Table Project


kenting pizza

kenting lunch


This is one of the coolest Kenting restaurant you can find. The ground floor of Kitchen Swell is designed as a small market. Upon entering, visitors encounter an area selling handmade ice cream, followed by a counter offering artisanal bread. Upstairs on the second floor is the Kitchen Swell restaurant itself. Established in 2015 by a young team, the Lost Table Project occupies a Japanese-style building, featuring a restaurant, ice cream parlor, bakery, grocery store, bookstore, and teaching studio—a must-visit lifestyle space for tourists exploring Kenting.

The well-preserved two-story structure from the Japanese colonial era boasts distinctive features such as its slanted roof, pebble walls, and old window frames, exuding a sense of nostalgia. An open kitchen allows diners to witness the entire cooking process, with a highlight being the pizza oven. The menu at Kitchen Swell offers a variety of dishes categorized into Tapas, Soup, Appetizer, Main Course, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, beverages, alcoholic drinks, and homemade desserts.

Kenting Cafe, Desserts and Drinks

Tree Summer Ruin House


kenting brunch

kenting cafe

Source: IG @kuohsienlin, IG @wendy891230

Nestled amidst the ruins of stone houses, Tree Summer Ruin House stands out with its unique setting. A glass house now occupies the remnants of the stone structures, complemented by a century-old phoenix tree nearby. In winter, the wild branches of the phoenix tree add a touch of desolation. But come summer, the tree bursts into bloom, transforming the scene entirely. This Kenting restaurant offers breakfast, brunch, bread, and beverages, with daily limited-edition desserts that are highly recommended, including the lemon coffee, cinnamon roll, and lemon tart. Moreover, there’s no time limit for dining in, allowing guests to leisurely savor the moment in this delightful ambiance.

Fatchun Café 肥春號


kenting blossom

kenting brunch

Source: Yuki’s life pop daily

Located in Hengchun, Pingtung, “Fatchun Café” is a trendy coffee shop housed in a renovated old building. Renowned as a popular spot for Instagrammers in Kenting, “Fatchun Café” offers delicious and generous portions of food. The café was established by three childhood friends who moved from Taipei to Hengchun to pursue their dream. They spent six months transforming the old house, preserving its original facade while incorporating new elements, allowing patrons to dine while experiencing the traces of time and keeping up with current travel trends.

The Kenting cafe has red brick walls, green plants dotting the lawn, and vibrant bougainvillea blossoms against a backdrop of blue skies and white clouds. It provides picturesque settings for every snapshot. If you crave this kind of blossoms, you are in luck. Taiwan has one of the most beautiful and convenient cherry blossoms on the planet!

“Fatchun Café” operates on a one-drink minimum per person policy, offering a variety of beverages including coffee, tea, and juices. They also serve Taiwan’s popular craft beers and imported options like Heineken and Corona. Their menu features homemade wraps, brunch dishes, pizzas, desserts, and fried snacks. The owners aspire to create a relaxing environment where visitors can unwind and enjoy their leisurely time. For those who appreciate charming old house cafés, a visit to “Fatchun Café” in Hengchun is a must on their next trip to Kenting.

Migu Village 麋谷


kenting eateries

“Migu Village” is a popular Instagram-worthy spot for brunch and coffee in Hengchun. Migu Village revitalizes a rice mill with over half a century of history into one of the trendiest old-house cafes. This Kenting restaurant’s owner has meticulously preserved the rice milling machinery and some equipment, with traces of the factory’s former glory visible on the roof. The menu at “Migu Village” features appetizers, chef’s specialties of noodles and rice dishes, and rice ball sets, with a minimum order per person required.

japense food

Source: migu-village,

A highlight of their brunch menu is the “Stewed Pork with Potatoes” rice ball set. The eye-catching dish features the classic Japanese home-cooked dish of tenderly stewed pork and velvety potatoes, offering a warm and comforting flavor. Paired with plump healing rice balls made from locally sourced Dragon Water rice, diners can choose any 2 from 4 options, including the crispy “Pan-fried Bacon Rice Ball” and the flavorful “Mentaiko Salad Black Bean Rice Ball.” Accompanied by half a boiled egg and handmade cheese, along with a rich daily soup, the set menu promises a delightful and satisfying dining experience.

Conclusion: Best Food in Kenting

As we bid farewell to the bustling streets and savory aromas of Kenting, the memories of our culinary escapades linger on. From indulging in the freshest seafood at the best Kenting restaurant to savoring the authentic flavors of local cuisine, and exploring the diverse culinary offerings including foreign cuisines, Kenting has left an indelible mark on our taste buds and hearts. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the night markets or a cozy afternoon spent in a charming café, tasty Kenting food have undoubtedly enriched our experiences, leaving us eagerly anticipating our next visit to this wonderful food paradise.

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